How old do I need to be to learn to dive?

Anyone age 10 and over can learn to scuba dive. There are restrictions for 10 & 11-year-olds (and an additional $75 fee). There is no upper age limit. Children ages 8 & 9 may participate in special scuba classes in the pool only.

How many students are in the courses? 

We cap our Open Water scuba course at 6 students, which is 2x smaller than classes at most dive centers. Advanced courses and most other specialties may have 6-8 students.

I understand part of the training is in the pool; what’s your pool like?

We have an ozone-treated (meaning – no strong chemicals burning your eyes), 90 degrees, indoor pool. It’s 9 feet deep in the deep end, 2.5 feet in the shallow, and 44 feet long – letting us do all skills with ease and comfort.

Why don't your Open Water courses include a boat trip?

We believe California divers are made at the shore. Yes, shore diving has its challenges but it can also be highly rewarding. When you learn to dive at sites like Corona del Mar, Shaw's Cove, or Veteran Park, diving becomes accessible on your schedule rather than a boat captain's. Learning to push past the waves makes you a safer, more experienced diver in the long run. Plus, it's economical and allows us to make diving accessible to more folks looking to learn!

Okay, I get it, but I really want to go diving off a boat in Catalina!

We do too! If you'd like to go diving on a boat after your certification, we include a Catalina boat ticket in the Advanced Open Water course.

Are there any additional or hidden costs in your courses?

Nope! We don't hide or add additional costs. All costs are out in the open and discussed up front. We are proud of our reputation as being honest and fair with customers. The few classes that have additional gear needs (i.e. Open Water, Advanced, Divemaster) all have any additional costs plainly stated in their descriptions and we would be happy to clarify any questions. As you compare course prices, please make sure you check for those additional or hidden costs. We don’t charge extra for rentals, air fills, certifications, pool time, boat tickets (unless noted), or food on our boats. At Deep Blue we constantly strive to create a fun, trust-filled community (after all, we belong to this community too), and we work hard to earn that trust. So no, we’re not trying to trick you out of your money.

What kind of groups is Deep Blue affiliated with?

You can check out our partnerships and affiliations here!