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Snorkeling Clinics

$75 per person in a 60-minute clinic (snorkel gear not included)

Once your kids are comfortable in the water, the next step is to get them breathing through a snorkel. They already want to spend all of their time figuring out what’s under the surface; this way they don’t have to hold their breath!  Our 60-minute clinic gets them comfortable using a mask, snorkel, and fins. Students will learn to use to wear and clear a mask, how to breathe with a snorkel, use fins for propulsion, and the basic safety concerns while snorkeling. For more advance swimmers & snorkelers, instructors will teach the basics of breath holds and free diving. This is a great class for your child and family to take before you go on that tropical family vacation.

Scuba for Kids

Bubblemaker...Kids First Step to Scuba

As young as age 8, this course introduces kids to the world of scuba diving! 

Seal Team

The child who excelled at blowing bubbles may want to do these extra five “challenges” – each of which comprises of a Seal Team “Mission”.  

Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge

With a Boy Scout Counselor on staff, we can be your one-stop shop for all of your BSA needs!

CPR & First Aid

We encourage all parents to have the basic knowledge and training of First Aid and CPR. We teach an Emergency First Response (EFR) Course right here at our training facility. Every month, we offer at least one EFR course and can schedule a private course for you, your friends and/or family. You can save a life by simply having this training.